Gladiator’s Quest came to be because a few years back I was looking and researching for the best guard dog breed to protect my property but more than anything to protect my family. My family is more valuable than anything for me so I wanted a dog good with children and with excellent guard instincts to protect them. So I started my quest for the dog breed that could fill my expectations after looking and researching different breeds, I chose the Cane Corso for his stable temperament, great guard instincts, excellent companions, and they are very good with children. Having to work and sometimes leave my house for many hours, I want my family to be protected as much as possible. With this beautiful dog breed nobody will come inside my property without being invited first. In Gladiator’s Quest Cane Corso we will try to strive and produce the best dogs with a nice temperament to be a good guard dogs and a good family companions. Our puppies are raised around children and other pets for proper socialization and smoother integration. I don’t breed dogs to make a living, I have my own job. I'm just a family man who wants to protect his family, property, and share with others what this breed has done for me. Improving one step at a time with some of the best domestic and world champion bloodlines of the past and the present champions from Italy, Hungary, Portugal, United States, Serbia, and Spain. Come and see our Cane Corsos here in our humble home in California; here you will find the best bloodlines from around the world. At Gladiator's Quest Cane Corso you will find some of the best Cane Corsos in the West Coast. Feel free to give us a call and stop by to check them out but please let us know so we can make time to meet you.


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